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For us, being a logistics service provider means way more than driving a truck around and storing goods in a warehouse. Together, we are continuously reinventing the word logistics and going for different, bigger and better.


Good service knows no boundaries. An urgent delivery, last-minute change, or even emergency? No matter how razor-sharp the turn, we’re always there for you. Round the clock, every single day of the week. In order to do so, we take on a personalized approach characterized by the dynamism, commitment and the tons of energy of our KDL staff. Together, they make the impossible possible for you!


Planning is essential, if not the most important thing in a logistics environment. We take away your logistics worries and align all the steps of your supply chain process to perfection. Our planners are constantly looking for new opportunities to reduce waste in an intelligent way and maximize cost efficiency. Here, no logistics puzzle remains unsolved, and no deadline is truly unachievable.


Everything we do today, we do for tomorrow. Sustainability is a real decisive factor in every choice that we make. For example, our trucks never run empty, we always choose the most environment-friendly vehicles, and we will very soon be moving to a carbon-neutral site. Find out right here how we minimize our emissions and waste.


Your power? That’s our know-how and our expertise! We have been breathing transportation and logistics and have been perfecting our systems and processes for over 21 years. So, not only do we know how to boost your supply chain management, we also actually do it. This allows your internal operations to function optimally and keep you one step ahead of the competition, always.


At KDL, safety is a real state of mind. We are aware of our responsibilities and we consider it our job to create a safe environment for everyone around. Our approach includes training, a prevention plan and a prevention consultant. In short: we prefer to be safe than sorry!

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Together for a secure future!