Welcome, it’s nice to meet you! We are ‘Kris De Leeneer’ and
we are ‘logistically’ different. Really different.

Mission & Vision

As a logistics service provider, we not only give your supply chain management a solid boost, but we also really help you move forward with your business. It might sound contradictory, but we do this with fewer miles, fewer trucks, and fewer feet on the pedals. Because at KDL, we prefer to keep both feet on the ground. Rusty old habits make way for a pioneering mindset so you can save on emissions, costs, and worries.

How we roll

Curious about our values? Discover them in our manifesto.


it all

For us, it started not with a truck, but with a horse.

Kris De Leeneer was working in his front yard, when someone suddenly fell off their horse right in front of his door. So, Kris’s first transportation assignment was a ride to the emergency services, where the two men randomly got to talking.

The injured man turned out to be Lucien De Groote, the owner of a transport company. Lucien suggested that Kris came to work for him as a driver, in a secondary capacity. Although Kris had never driven a truck before, he accepted the challenge. Two years and countless miles later, Lucien asked if Kris wanted to take over the business, and, that way, KDL became a reality.

The route we took

From 15m² to 1562m²

2001  – The house of Kris

The very beginning

2006 – Lebbeke

The start of our logistic story

2012 – Dendermonde

The start of our storage services

2023 – Lokeren

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