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28m high

45,000 pallets


CO2 -neutral

Job creation

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3.9 hectare

At the end of 2022 we will be opening our new distribution centre – with offices & eventspace – in Lokeren. This facility perfectly reflects our vision of the future: Different. Better. Bigger.

With a surface area of 3.9 hectares (equivalent to 8 football pitches), our site in Lokeren is a lot bigger. Yet the building occupies only 10,000 m² of that area. New technologies enable us to build up to 28 metres high, and this is only one of many examples of how KDL approaches things differently.

Less surface area literally means taking up less space, which ideally fits with our sustainability mission. A vehicle fleet that is rapidly greening, a carefully-conceived transport plan for employees, social employment… KDL always strives for better.

We have an impact on your sustainability as well. Goods storage, packaging, labelling and related e-commerce logistics are all centralised in a single building. Thanks to smart automation, we have a state-of-the-art warehouse with room for 45,000 pallets. In this way we can offer even more added value to your logistical chain.

A smart concept

We are building a warehouse for 45,000 pallets. It will be 28 metres high with a 10,000 m² work floor that is directly connected to the fully-automated warehouse operations. Trucks bring in and pick up goods 24 hours a day via the covered loading docks.

After inspection and identification, our operators place the pallets on the internal transport system. Autonomously moving shuttles deposit and remove pallets via 3 lifts. An extensive Warehouse Management System controls the orders for putaway, pallet picking and replenishment. On 3 mezzanines, different teams perform Value Added Services such as packaging, labelling and assembling. All pallets, including those for piece picking, are brought in or picked up by the shuttles. When goods are ready to go they are temporarily put into storage via internal transport or taken immediately to the shipping zone.

Ready for the future

With this concept Kris De Leeneer is ready for the future. At the same time, we are taking a different tack in the framework of corporate sustainability. The new distribution centre in Lokeren is being built in order to consolidate the logistics of our customers. This means literally that we are firmly establishing our logistical activities in Lokeren and making them sustainable.

The key is centralisation, whereby we make full use of the HUB function of our DC. This is why we are expanding our organisation with enthusiastic and highly competent employees who excel in their fields. In addition, we are setting up collaborations with specialised partners who make the right people available for the right job on either a permanent or an ad hoc basis.

Kept with care

Your stocks carefully handled

You can count on Kris De Leeneer for the storage of both food and non-food goods. In Dendermonde there’s room for 10,000 pallets in temperature-controlled storage. We have 2 mezzanines for various Value Added Services. The warehouse in Erembodegem has a capacity of 5,000 pallets.

In Lokeren we are building a new distribution centre that will be operational by the end of 2022. With a capacity of 45,000 pallets in a fully-automated environment and 10,000 m² of mezzanine space on 3 floors, we offer a comprehensive package of logistical services.

Our logistical services

  • Temperature-controlled storage between 15 and 18° C
  • Full pallet & piece picking
  • Dynaman Warehouse Management
  • Transport & Distribution with our own fleet
  • Value Added Services
    • Packaging
    • Labelling
    • Assembling
    • Reworking



There can be no far-reaching digitalisation without a stable “Human Interface”. We think and work as a function of your needs, and moreover we are constantly striving to provide better logistical services. Every process is directed by the Dynaman Warehouse Management System.

The integration of systems ensures a flawless transfer of order information between KDL and its various partners. Stocks and movements of goods are reported on daily or you can monitor them online. Moreover, we handle the entire logistical chain for you from A to Z and regularly evaluate every collaboration on the basis of criteria established in advance.

Assignments for order picking, repackaging or relabelling are issued entirely digitally and you receive an update whenever the status of your order changes. Where necessary, we also provide a link with a courier service so that your shipment is promptly picked up for delivery.

Quality control and stock management

At KDL, each incoming shipment goes through a quality inspection and quantity verification process; customer-specific checks are also possible.

Our employees monitor every order via Dynaman and shift continuously on the basis of priorities of the various customers. The WMS takes the different characteristics of your products into account and assures an optimal putaway in the warehouse. Thus allergens, for example, are carefully kept well away from other foodstuffs.

The stocks can be managed on the basis of FIFO or FEFO, or you as customer can call for deliveries on the basis of batch or pallet number. In so doing we strive for a uniformity that corresponds to the standard within a given sector (e.g. the use of SSCC labels).

Together we create opportunities.