Our services

Our large, versatile fleet of vehicles goes hand in hand with sophisticated logistics facilities. In all a total concept that offers guarantees for customised services.


Kris De Leeneer BVBA is all about personal service. Our far-reaching expertise enables us to provide the proper handling and completion of your shipment, from the planning stage right through to delivery.

Value Added Logistics

Kris De Leeneer BVBA delivers the very best in quality at an affordable price. Our strength lies in our flexibility and this is expressed to its fullest extent in our value-added logistics.


Our company treats security very seriously and views it as a priority. Neither cost nor effort is spared in ensuring that every possible security measure is taken.

Stock Control

Kris De Leeneer BVBA conducts detailed checks on the quantities and condition of the goods we deal with. Everything is recorded in our Warehouse Management System and the details are saved and stored as part of a clearly organised system.


Looking for efficient warehousing capabilities? We add value to all of the logistics services we provide.