Value Added Services in logistics

Get to know our Value-Added Services and enjoy the complete unburdening
of your logistics process.

For us, being a logistics service provider means way more than just offering transport and warehousing. We want to relieve you of all your worries, and we are truly there for you every step of the way. Yes: truly at every step. Curious to know how? We would love to tell you more all about our Value-Added Services (VAS).

1. Labeling

Over the years, our warehousing capacity has considerably expanded. The new warehouse in Lokeren, for example, will be able to accommodate no fewer than 45,000 pallets. That calls for a smart system in order to make it really easy to find each item.

To ensure that everything is crystal clear, each item is given a unique label. Each label can be scanned, after which all information about the location, racking and pallet on which the product is located is immediately received. Thanks to these smart labels, your load will be ready for departure in no time.

2. Preparing Orders

Finding products easily? Check! But we do like to always go one step further. Items will soon no longer be manually picked here, because we are currently building a fully automated warehouse.

Automatic shuttles will go to work for you and can pick and process both full pallets and unique products. And there’s even more: because, after processing, everything will be automatically scanned again so that your inventory is immediately up to date.

3. Packaging

Once your goods are collected, we pack them for you. We take all specifications into account such as temperature control and safety. No bump in the road will endanger your delivery!

4. Making displays

Do you like to put your products in the spotlight? We will also start making displays. This way, your products will immediately stand out among the shelves.

Thanks to these Value-Added Services, you save valuable time, money, and worries. Moreover, we keep you in the loop through constant digital updates.

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