In all, Kris De Leeneer BVBA owns two warehouses offering a total storage capacity of 15,000 m². We are able to store a wide variety of goods, depending on the requirements of our customers. Our climate-controlled warehouses also enable us to store an extensive range of food products such as chocolate, foodstuffs, beverages, etc.
We comply with all statutory requirements and regulations, guaranteeing temperature, fire alarm and anti-theft surveillance round the clock, 24/7.

Our highly trained logistics staff are able to work with modern equipment and in addition to loading and unloading consignments, they also offer value-added services such as repacking, labelling and so on. Cleanliness and hygiene are the order of the day in our warehouses!

If customers ask us to, we will take the goods to be transported out of stock and group them by destination. The goods themselves are then placed on one or more pallets to make transport easier.
All outgoing orders/pallets are given a label showing the necessary details so that no mistakes are possible during transport.
We also have a loading and unloading dock licence so that we can provide any customs formalities required.
This IT project was carried out by IDLink, which specialises in logistics automation.

Our WMS system (Warehouse Management System) enables our customers to monitor their stock situation in real-time. Tracking & tracing down to an individual pallet level is one of our standard services.

As a logistics partner we are constantly concerned with providing the most integrated services for all of your logistics issues, while always optimising goods flows.