Our fleet

Kris De Leeneer BVBA specialises in various types of goods haulage.

The transport services we provide are fast and professional. And thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles we are able to handle your job at all times. We offer customised solutions for all your goods transport needs.

Our large, modern fleet enables Kris De Leeneer BVBA to provide a flexible, top-quality service. Every truck features precise temperature registration equipment, complete with readout station. All of our vehicles are also fitted with a Track & Trace system so that they can be tracked in real-time, enabling us to provide efficient transport planning, execution and monitoring.

We have semitrailers with a load capacity of up to 26 tons, as well as trucks with a load capacity of 15 tons. We also have a range of delivery vans.

We employ over 40 qualified and motivated drivers who will take your shipment throughout Belgium and beyond. All of our employees have the necessary certificates and code 95 CPC licences.

Our extensive expertise in the field of goods haulage means that we can also handle your shipment correctly.

Our large, versatile fleet of vehicles goes hand in hand with sophisticated logistics facilities. In all a total concept that offers guarantees for customised services.